Our customer was a service provider for energy assessors in the UK. The certified energy assessors were using traditional paper pencil methods to conduct assessments of properties. In addition, ad hoc methods were used to communicate this information to back-office operations to feed this data & generate EPC certificates based on SBEM standards. This was an error-prone and cumbersome process for assessors.


We designed a mobile app that was based on the UK standard SBEM on popular OSes like Android and iOS. The app encapsulated the entire Energy Assessors government mandated reference material (EPCs) and is kept up to date using cloud services. The app also offered facilities to record entire assessments in a convenient manner. The app also offered functionality to export the data in a manner that can be either exported to sophisticated modeling desktop applications. The app also generated simple reports based on the conducted assessments so that those can be submitted for obtaining EPC certificates.


The mobile app offered following benefits to the energy assessors –

  • Provided peace of mind & convenience to assessors by offering latest & up-to-date energy regulations while data gathering
  • Interoperability with popular desktop modeling tools meant comfortable upgrade
  • Increased efficiency, thus allowing them to do 50% more assessments than before
  • Reduced turn around time by 60% for the EPC certification
  • Eliminated the manual errors introduced due to the manual process.

Key Contributions

  • Concept to Completion of the product
  • Product Management and Engineering ownership of the complete solution
  • Shared risk, outcome based business model