Process, methodology and culture – how to avoid the process trap

Mikeal Rogers’ perspective about processes and methodologies.

If you build a culture that values critical thinking over process you’ll end up with better and more exciting products.

Every process begins with a problem. Understanding the problem is more important than solving it. You gain a deep understanding of the problem through critical thinking. A process begins to develop to solve the problem. Your results when implementing the process will have a lot do with the culture you inject them into. Taking the process a startup might use and implementing it across a larger organization will not only encounter a lot of resistance but the participants will have different motivations and share a very different culture among the organization.


Engineering Management Playbook by Yishan Wong

This is one of the best playbooks I have read about Engineering Management.

Thank you Yishan Wong (ex-facebook director engineering). It covers all aspects of operational product engineering. i.e. Recruiting engineers, technical leaders.

He also gives uncommon wisdom on encouraging talent, process and tools implementation and a healthy technology company.

A lot of these principles are also applicable to outsourced product development (OPD) vendors.